“Worth the Read” stories of the week – 7/18/14

Here’s the weekly round up of “Worth the Read” stories about kidlit, edtech, and other stuff related to raising good, smart, kind kids.

1. What do you value more  – success or kindness? Now, ask your kids which one you value more.  A new study suggest Kids Value Success over Caring Because Parents Do.

2. On a similar topic, all the focus in school on achievement and testing makes it easy to lose sight of the importance of SEL — Social & Emotional Learning — in schools, but focusing on SEL first might actually help the former. 

3. Get out the chess set or that retro MasterMind box.  Learn how family game night can make kids into better students and improve their “executive functioning” skills.  Some great new games are mentioned here that I can’t wait to get: Swish, Quarto, and Quoridor.

4. A study done by Reading is Fundamental found that in the summer kids typically spend three times as many hours in front of screens than they spend in front of books.  This bums me out, but even worse was the finding that only 17% of parents think reading is a top priority for the summer.

5. Feeling worn down after the 10th time you said “no” to your kids’ requests to play on the iPad today? Read this inspiring, heartfelt letter from a mom about why she says “no” to her 3 boys when they ask to play electronics.


What stories did you enjoy this week?


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