“Worth the Read” – 8/8/14

Five stories worth the read about kids, reading, edtech, or other things that interested me this week….

1. Weird Al is back with a message for all bloggers, tweeters, and others who could careless (that means you do care) about correct grammar. English teachers will especially appreciate this video for Word Crimes set to the ultra catchy tune of Blurred Lines.

2. This insight into why our kids are so fidgety today was new to me.  Their lack of time spent in free movement has led to less core strength and balance needed to be able to sit still.  Another reason for more recess and more free play.

3. An addendum to the article I posted last week questioning whether we are raising kids to value success or kindness. Here are 5 practical ways to help teach our kids kindness.

4. In response to feedback from a young girl, Lego just added the first ever female scientist sets  featuring astronomers, paleontologists, and chemists.

5. New York librarians from the 1960s post honest reviews of books.  See what they thought of Forever (dirty teenage novel) and Green Eggs and Ham (not recommended) and many other well-known children’s books.


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