Reading Log Prompts

Here are ideas for Reading Log Prompts that you can assign your student to answer in the Comments field of the Bookopolis Reading Log.

Reading Log Prompts

  1. In 1-3 sentences, summarize the section you read.
  2. Pick a main character and brainstorm a list of qualities that most define him/her.
  3. List the most important event(s) that happened in the section you read.
  4. How is this story similar to other stories you have read or movies you have seen?
  5. Explain what the author did to “hook” you as a reader.
  6. Write three vocabulary words you didn’t know. Look them up and write their definition.
  7. Describe the “picture” that the author created in your mind in the section you read. Use examples from the text.
  8. Do any of the characters remind you of yourself, your friends, or family members? How?
  9. Using examples from the text, what emotions did the author make you feel in the section you read?
  10. Describe a part that puzzled you or made you ask questions.

Want to download or print this list?  Click Reading Log Prompts.


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