Some Books for Now and Some Books for Later by Donalyn Miller

Nerdy Book Club

I learned to read at a young age, and my parents soon lost the ability or will to monitor my reading choices. They trusted me to find books and navigate the ideas in what I read with little parental oversight. Occasionally, I would ask my mom about specific words or scenes that I didn’t understand, but I approached most books at whatever access point I was ready to approach them.

In middle school, I read a lot of Stephen King. It was the 80’s. King’s books and stories were made into successful movies like The Shining and Creepshow, and King was a popular cultural figure. Beyond the violence—which was expected—King’s books had a lot of sex, drinking, and cussing in them. I regularly gave myself nightmares falling asleep while reading books like Cujo and ‘Salem’s Lot. For almost a year, I wide-stepped from my bedroom doorway to my…

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