Reading Allowed: Ten Compelling Middle School Read-Alouds by Maggie Bokelman

Some of my favorites are on this list.

Nerdy Book Club

In today’s teach-to-the-test climate, some administrators discourage or even prohibit classroom read-alouds, especially for secondary students. I don’t have to trumpet the benefits of reading aloud to followers of “The Nerdy Book Club,” but what can you do if you’re told there’s no time because there’s too much “important” material to cover, or because the Common Core has shifted the focus to nonfiction? Don’t back down; instead, make like a Boy Scout and be prepared. You can start by explaining that kids who sit enthralled while a teacher reads to them from a well-written novel will be better equipped to decode their science textbooks. There’s plenty of data, such as the study referred to in this article from ASCD Express, to point to as evidence that classroom read-alouds increase students’ academic vocabularies.

Even in middle schools where read-alouds are, er, allowed, time is often at a premium. Thus, teachers are…

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