HOW TO HOST A MOCK NEWBERY BOOK CLUB: 10 EASY STEPS by Armin Arethna and Mary Ann Scheuer

Nerdy Book Club

Mock Newbery Book Club (3)

Hosting a Mock Newbery Book Club in your school is as easy as 1, 2, 3…..

  1. Welcome all students–don’t limit to high readers! Choose 4th and 5th grades, or only 5th
  2. Find two adults to lead book club–librarians or teachers. We have found that having two leaders works best, for our students and for our adults!
  3. Hold informal weekly (or bi-weekly) meetings, September through January.
  4. Ask all book club members to come to four formal book club discussions, at lunch recess or after school (in September, November, and twice in January).
  5. Share books with readers–using bookmarks or stickers to highlight eligible books.
  6. Post Newbery criteria (we hang this poster) to facilitate short informal discussions.
  7. Ask students to write down their thoughts on book posters (see this poster from Fish in a Tree). Ask students to choose up to three books to nominate for final…

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