Mayor’s Book Review:


addison cookeAvailable: October 2016

Genre: Adventure

Age: 8-12 year old readers


If you love quirky stories like The Goonies or the fast paced action adventure of the National Treasure movies, you’ll love this book. Addison Cooke is the kind of 12-year-old who always wears a tie, orders Arnold Palmers, and skips class to study up on ancient history. When his aunt and uncle, world renowned archaeologists, are captured by Russian treasure hunters looking for long lost Incan riches, he makes the obvious choice and hops on a plane to South American to rescue them. Luckily he is accompanied by his savvy and sporty sister Molly and his best friends Raj and Eddie. The four of them (plus a mysterious fifth amigo) embark on the adventure of a lifetime. This book is funny, mysterious, and filled with ridiculous adventures.

My Favorite Part: 

I really enjoyed the actual Incan history that is woven through and in-between the action scenes. I visited Peru and hiked Machu Picchu many years ago and was fascinated by the amazing accomplishments of the ancient Incans and their horrific struggles with the Europeans settlers. I also loved the offbeat group of young adventurers that are the stars of this story. They embody a clever, “rebel with a mission” mentality that inspire readers to embrace new situations and take risks.


Who Should Read This Book:  

I highly recommend this to both reluctant and voracious readers who like quirky adventure tales. Reading this book was like watching a good movie, so it’s great for kids that just like to get enveloped in a good story. There’s nothing “mature” about the content so advanced 3rd grade readers through 7th grade readers could enjoy this book.

About the Author:

This is the first book by Jonathan Stokes. But, as you can tell from the writing, he has authored several screenplays for big time actors like Will Smith and Hugh Jackman. Follow him @jonathanwstokes.

Check out more about ADDISON COOKE on Bookopolis HERE.



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