Reflections From My Reading Life by Lainie Levin

For parents and teachers who worry about their kids reading at the “wrong” level or reading too many graphic novels…here’s a perspective for you.

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My reading teachers probably hated me.

It’s not that I was a struggling reader. Quite the opposite, in fact. I intuitively learned to read at age two and never looked back.

My reading life as an elementary school student, however, reveals a history of reading the wrong thing at the wrong time, or not fulfilling my potential. My strongest reading memories from childhood were times I disappointed others in one way or another.

Take Kindergarten. Two weeks into school, my teacher called my mother in for a chat. Little Lainie was acting out in class and getting sent to “time out” every day. My mother discovered that the “time out” spot was the reading corner. “Make her sit away from the books,” she said. So ended my career as a kindergarten delinquent.

First grade. How many of you out there remember the colored SRA cards? Read the story, answer the…

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One thought on “Reflections From My Reading Life by Lainie Levin

  1. Thanks for posting! Just hoping that there’s a teacher or parent out there who gains a little bit more insight, perspective, or – best yet – validation.

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