​There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by Rachel Rosenberg

Nerdy Book Club

When I was a child, I used to love lying on the floor in patches of sunlight. I’d curl up as much as I could, trying to fit into the warm rectangle, and then let the heat relax me. Childhood is fun for that reason–you don’t understand yet why things work the way they do, so every moment has the potential for magic. Moments like those abound in Raymie Nightingale: patches of sunlight seem like portals to another world, jars of candy corn can flash like lamps, tiles can shimmer like a lake. That’s what Kate DiCamillo captures so well: the hazy, memorable slowness of summer and the whimsy and confusion of childhood. It’s 1975, and Raymie Clarke’s father has left. He’s disappeared into the night alongside a dental hygienist named Lee Ann. Devastated and feeling hopeless, Raymie concocts a plan to become Little Miss Central Florida Tire 1975…

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