On Labels in Lions & Liars by Kate Beasley

I’ve been thinking about the labels we assign (and earn) for ourselves and others. Can’t wait to read this one by Kate Beasley and share it with young readers.

Nerdy Book Club

I’m beyond excited about my new book, Lions and Liars. I feel in my bones that this is the story I was supposed to tell next and the way I was supposed to tell it.

The novel is about Frederick Frederickson, a 10-year-old who, through a series of madcap mishaps, winds up at a disciplinary camp for troublesome boys. When Frederick learns that the campers around him are there to be punished for various unknown crimes, he’s alarmed. He suddenly sees his bunkmates—Ant Bite, Specs, The Professor, and Nosebleed—as threatening delinquents. However, throughout the story, Frederick grows to realize that the boys are not what he first thought. They are better, kinder, smarter, and more complicated than he believed.

As I was writing, I played a lot of Frederick’s misunderstanding for laughs. I love to laugh every chance I get. But as I dug deeper into the characters’ lives…

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