Captain Superlative by J. S. Puller – Review by Jaymie Dieterle

Love this review. Great book for #SummerReading.

Nerdy Book Club

Captain Superlative has taken Dearwood Park Middle School by storm with her swimsuit-and-tights costume, blue rubber gloves, wig, facemask and cape. You can’t miss her. She seems to know everyone and see everything. She helps injured kids get around the school, distributes peppermints to all the kids who have tests to take, and creates study guides for hard tests for everyone in her grade. She even stands between Queen Bee, Dagmar, and her favorite bullying target, Paige.

Janey is mystified by Captain Superlative. Janey’s philosophy is to stay in the middle of the pack. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Stay invisible. Why would anyone want the attention Captain Superlative draws? Janey is intrigued and determined to find out who Captain Superlative really is and why she showed up at midterm this way.

With that premise, I knew this was going to be a great story. But I had no idea…

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